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What Makes Cuppa The Best?



Tastes great

All-day energy

Boosted focus

Stress relief

Sleep support

Mood boosting

Immune support


Each cuppa contains about 78mg of caffeine, similar to your regular cup of coffee.

However, unlike your regular cup of coffee, cuppa adds L-Theanine, Ashwagandha and MCT to harness the power of caffeine to work for you, not against you. No jitters or crash, just stable, sustained energy all day. Oh and better sleep and mood too. You're welcome.

Keep the energy kick and taste you love but kick the jitters and caffeine crash to the curb.

Our healthier coffee blend offers all kinds of health benefits like longer lasting energy, anxiety relief, brain health, increased focus and productivity, immune support and a better night's sleep.

We use premium 100% arabica coffee for a deeply satisfying and rich flavor. This bean is favored by baristas for its superior taste and aroma, it's both smoother and sweeter without the bitter edge.

We offer a medium roast with a full flavor profile that contains notes of chocolate and strawberry crumble. You will NOT taste mushrooms.

No, not the trippy kind, but still pretty magical. Cordyceps have been shown in studies to boost exercise performance, reduce fatigue, and support metabolic health, while Lion's Mane is known for its ability to stimulate brain cell growth, lift your mood and support your immune system.

So glad you asked! Healthy means not only removing all the bad stuff from our daily lives like pesticides, toxins, and sugar, but also adding in nutrients and functional ingredients that boost our focus and mental ability, enhance mood, reduce stress, support good sleep, and nurture our bodies for optimal performance. It means thriving, not just surviving.